Mardi Gras de la Louisiane 

Mardi Gras and the Local Economy

Since Mardi Gras began in 1994 it has continued to have an economic impact on the city of Alexandria. From ball gowns to king cakes, merchants across central Louisiana have come to realize that Mardi Gras is a great economic boost during the slowest months of the sales year. Many stores carry Mardi Gras merchandise.

Mardi Gras also has an impact on apparel and shoe retailers. Last year department stores and bakeries increased their inventory of ball gowns and baked goods to meet the need of local consumers attending Mardi Gras Balls. It is estimated that Krewe members and their guests spend a minimum of $400 on apparel, shoes, and hair to attend central Louisiana's Mardi Gras Balls. That is a significant impact with over 2,000 people attending private Mardi Gras balls. Add in dinner beforehand and party favors for their guests, is another significant expense.

On parade day thousands of visitors from as far away as East Texas, south Louisiana and Mississippi come to Alexandria and spend money for hotel rooms, food, and entertainment.

The goal of the Alexandria Mardi Gras Association has always been to provide a cultural event appealing to all cross sections of the community and that would also stimulate the economy. Several businesses, including "Throw Me Something", located in Alexandria carries a wide assortment of Mardi Gras throws and decorations. Also, Mardi Gras Specialties. 

Association Past President Colleen Dunstane acknowledges that there are no confirmed numbers on the economic impact Mardi Gras has on the city, but notes, "All you have to do is talk to the merchants; they will tell you how it has benefited them." As Alexandria's Mardi Gras continues to grow, the AMGA says it will do the same.

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