Mardi Gras de la Louisiane 

AMGA Parade Information

AMGA 2017 President Chris Chelette will lead the revelers.

This year's parade will consist of numerous festive units with masked riders and fire trucks, all tossing traditional beads, cups, and doubloons. Providing the carnival atmosphere will be several area school bands. Beginning on Murray and 10th the parade will march through downtown ending at St. James and 3rd Street with a performance stop at City Hall and one at River Oaks.

Coordinator of the children's parade is to be announced. Children ranging in age from 5 to 18 can be in the parade. The krewe parade coordinator is to be announced.

Rules for Throws for Float Riders (2008 - PDF)

AMGA Parade Route

Childrens Mardi Gras Parade Route
College Cheerleaders and Classic Cars Parade Route

Louisiana Map

2017  AMGA Officers
President: Chris Chelette
President Elect: Chris Chelette
First Vice President: Mary B. McCampbell
Second Vice President: TBA
Past President: Chris Chelette
Secretary: Jeannette McKneely
Treasurer: Lacy Morales
Assistant Secretary: Becky Deville
Past Presidents of AMGA
2016 Chris Chelette
2015 Chris Chelette
2014 Becky Deville
2013 Chris Chelette
2012 Chris Chelette
2011 Zina Ford
2010 Zina Ford
2009 Chris Chelette
2008 Greg Gormanous
2007 Dwayne Moore
2006 Denise Moore
2005 Shannon Tassin
2004 Leetha Harris
2003 Colleen Hursey Dunstane
2002 Mark Watson
2001 Leetha Harris
2000 Greg Gormanous
1999 Colleen Hursey Dunstane
1998 Russell Potter
1997 Pat Elliott
1996 Rick Ranson
1995 Mike Tudor

Grand Marshals Krewe Parade
2017 TBA
2016 Jason Ashley
2015 Shaun Sanghani
2014 Kyle Steven Templin
2013 Carlos Savant
2012 David Luck
2011 Taylor Mathews
2010 Blair Abene
2009 Faith Ford
2008 Julie Hanna
2007 Barbara Bonnette
2006 Kisha James
2005 Scott Stoker
2004 Ronnie Kole
2003 Doug Williams
2002 Eddy Raven
2001 Art Ginsburg "Mr. Food"
2000 Sydnie Kohara
1999 Trini Triggs
1998 Ali Landry
1997 Martha Angelo
1996 Scott Paetty
1995 Chris Boniol
1994 Grady Gaines
Grand Marshals Children's Parade
2017 Sarah Katherine McCallum
2016 Julia Williams
2015 Meagan Crews
2014 Baylea Huffman
2013 Deon Sumer
2012 Justine Ker
2011 Brooke Hotard
2010 Kelly Bernard
2009 April Lynn Nelson
2008 Mary Jane Hobgood
2007 Jeremeka Bradley
2006 Bethany Moore
2005 Whitney Breaux
2004 Bethany Hejtmanek
2003 Blair Abene
2002 Courtney Haynes
2001 Amie Bonomolo
2000 Mollie Causey
1999 Hunter Hayes
1998 Justin Wilkerson
1997 Natalie Penny

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