David Luck
2012 AMGA Grand Marshal
Krewes Parade

David Luck

David Luck is a central Louisiana native who has made writing a major component of his life. He has written short films, screenplays, and news stories for television. David's rare experiences promote his comedic talent.

From bartending and behavioral therapy to interviewing hundreds of celebrities (from Willie Nelson to Roseanne) as an entertainment reporter, David uses humor to explicate life.

David's first novel, "Too Fat To Dance" proves dreams can come true when Southern hospitality, Spinanch Madeleine, and Bloody Marys are all involved. "It's Steel Magnolias meet The Royal Tenenbaums."

Though the characters in "Too Fat To Dance" face awkward social situations, painful loss and bizarre entanglements, they dance through life. And Luck with his ability to make keen social oberservations about central Louisiana culture, dances along with them.

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