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Jason Ashley
2016 AGMA Grand Marshal Krewes Parade

Jason Ashley
2016 AGMA Grand Marshal Krewes Parade

Jason Ashley – “Music reaches everyone and changes everything.”

When Jason Ashley becomes a household name to country music fans across the country it will be due to his hard work, stewardship and his relentless drive. This award-winning singer/songwriter has three CDs, fans of all ages and a full understanding of who he is as a Christian and a country artist.

This Louisiana boy grew up in Alexandria and has been performing since he was in elementary school. But it took the watchful eye of a choir teacher, Mrs. Gayle Roach, to push a solo on him and raise his confidence in sixth grade. Many perfect ratings in music contests would follow. He recalls, “Getting those high ratings were like getting a perfect 10 in the Olympics.”

Jason was the number one baritone in Louisiana for two years and turned down a music scholarship to New Orleans’ Tulane University to pursue his country music career. After graduation, he joined his first band which required traveling 100 miles a night for rehearsals. At the encouragement of his godmother, he also picked up a guitar and began learning how to accompany himself.

Just as that choir teacher and his godmother have gently pushed Jason along, he soon got another push that was a full-blown shove into songwriting. Jason won second place in the Jimmy Dean Country Music Showdown and was told that he would have won first if he had only written his own music. His songwriting began and he returned to win the contest the following two years.

Even as a young man, Jason’s compassionate heart led him to donate his time and talent to worthy causes such as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in his hometown. While performing at a St. Jude event as the opening act for a then new artist, Mindy McCready, her producer took notice of Jason. David Malloy had worked with Eddie Rabbitt, Reba McIntire and Fleetwood Mac and when he suggested Jason move to Nashville - his bags were packed and he was on the road. Once in Nashville, Jason met songwriter Michael Garvin and found himself singing a demo for him just as Garth Brooks had once done.

Jason was at a high point – living, working and networking in Nashville. Then real life intervened and he found out that his mother was deathly ill. He down shifted his career in order to travel back and forth to Louisiana for the next three years finally moving back home at 28. “God was telling me that I needed to move back.” So Jason and his new bride made the move and just five short months later his mother passed away. Jason lovingly recalls, “Those five months with my mom were a precious time that I would not trade for anything.”

Following his mother’s death, Jason’s passion for music was renewed and he was delighted to hear that his wife was pregnant. The news of the child felt to Jason as like a divine sign of hope for this new chapter in his life. Jason was later devastated to learn that the child was not his. “All the heart aches and heart breaks that I have experienced have made me a gifted songwriter who can write songs that get to a person where they feel it – in the gut!”

After his divorce he was living with a friend and once again was open to a gentle nudge from above. He remembers seeing a baseball trophy in his friend’s house that said “Risk. You’ll never get to second with your foot stuck on first.” He got up the next day, headed back to Nashville and began working on his first album. That album was entitled “Coming Up Clean.”
In 2009, he won a Terry Award as the Texas Songwriter of the Year for his song, “Handle with Care” off this first album. “That album was after my divorce and allowed me to wash away the hurt and come up clean in my new life.”

Garth Brooks and Keith Urban are the frequent comparisons that are made to Jason. His early musical influences came from his mother’s old record collection. “I used to get out my mom’s 45s and listen to Buddy Holly, Elvis and later the Commodores with Lionel Ritchie.”

Jason has fans of all ages and along with his St. Jude and Shriners Hospital alliances he is associated with Night of Superstars (NOS), an annual event that gives red carpet treatment and recognition to children with disabilities and illnesses who continue to give back to their communities. NOS takes place in Dallas/Fort Worth and in the St. Louis area and is spreading across the county.

Jason’s newly released third album, “Undeniable”, has been five years in the making. Every song on the album was written by Jason and this CD is available on his website, JasonAshley.com. “While I have been preparing for this third CD, God has been taking me on a very special journey and I have grown into a man right in front of my own eyes.” Songs on this album such as "Take the Chance" and "Just for a While" are gentle pushes from me to you that I hope will open your mind and remind you that you are not alone.”

In 2014 Jason was named the Hottest Bachelor in Dallas, TX by the television show Inside Edition.

Now, as 2015 is coming to a close a major life event has happened for Jason, he has remarried has a beautiful 8month old daughter and is back in the studio finishing up his new project entitled Drive.

Jason Ashley is currently performing in Louisiana, Dallas/Fort Worth area, St Louis Missouri, and expanding. Jason is well-known in Texas and his popularity is spreading throughout the Southwest and the Midwest. He is spending a lot of time in the studio recording new songs and plans to prove to a record company that he can be a prolific artist producing a top-quality county music product. Jason is on a quest for a record label to call home.

“My hope for my future is to have a successful national career that allows me to help as many people as possible.”


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