Mardi Gras de la Louisiane 

Krewe de Kincaid

Krewe de Kincaid Honors French Explorers, 2005

As the legend goes, there was a tribe of men and women who called themselves "The People." The lived in the forest area around Kincaid Lake . Every year during the cold months of winter, the tribesmen anxiously awaited the arrival of their royalty to mark the beginning of their annual tribal gathering and celebration. The decorated barge carrying the nobility would slowly make its journey across the lake to shore and the festivities would begin.

Each year at this time, the Krewe de Kincaid reenacts the celebration, honoring the royalty and those who later contributed to the culture of this area. This year, the French explorers were honored.

The Krewe members, like their ancestors, awaited for their royalty to arrive by boat to start the Mardi Gras celebration. The court was introduced by captains Jimbo Thiels and Scotty Thiels.

Chief Jasper Baudoin and Queen Connie Falks led the processional into Tunk's Cypress Inn to begin the third annual Tribal Gathering.

They were followed by Shaman Freddie Sayer, Maiden Laura Jenkins, Brave Paul Dunstane, and Maiden Kathy Ferrington.

The court and tribesmen were entertained by the Bell Dancers, who performed an authentic bell dance and gourd dance. Dancers were Regina Reedy, Earleen Baillio, Joan Ferry, Iris Gueringer, Claire Roberts and Eloise Andries . The Bell Dancers were then given the royal command to distribute gifts to the loyal tribesmen in attendance.

The decorations depicted the sloping hills and lush green forest that is characteristic of the landscape around the lake. A stately totem pole stood beside the fur-covered throne while the stars twinkled brightly in the cold, wintry night sky.

The tables featured a scene of pine trees with twinkling lights, replicas dressed as traditional French explorers and French flags,

The festive Tribal Gathering continued into the night with the maidens dressed in traditional outfits adorned with an abundance of beads and feathers. Their handsome escorts depicted the early western men wearing blue jeans, tuxedo tails and a felt hat.

They danced through the night to the music of the Rusty Allen Combo and enjoyed an abundant arrangement of hors d'oeuvres.

The Krewe de Kincaid held its first Tribal Gathering in 2003. The founders were Jimbo Thiels, Scotty Thiels, Jimmie Nelle Lewis and Earleen Baillio.

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