Mardi Gras de la Louisiane 

Carlos Savant
2013 AMGA Grand Marshall

2013 Grand Marshall
Carlos Savant

Carlos Savant is the owner of CSFX, a Special Effects company specializing in Special Makeup Effects for Film and Television. He is a member of Local 798 as a Special Makeup Effects Artist, and in Local 478 as a Special Effects Technician, Sculptor/Plasterer, and Construction Foreman. CSFX can supply custom built prosthetics to suit any need, from full creatures to facial prosthetics to alter features. Savant enjoys using magination and creativity to bring his clients expectations into reality. A cornerstone of his business philosophy is the determination and passion to constantly improve his techniques, while producing high quality effects.

As a Makeup Artist, his speciality is the creation and application of prosthetics. He is fluid in life-casting, sculpting, molding and casting said prosthetics. Savant has been practicing Special Effects Makeup in the industry since 2006 and feels that he is a well rounded artist. With experience in Special Effects, and Makeup Effects, he can supply productions with realistic characters, as well as, highlight the character's scene with atmosphere or blood effects. Savant's skills are diverse to serve the industry in many capacities. CSFX is a great asset to have on set because they can handle any situation that may come up out of kit (creating wounds on the fly), apply pre-made prosthetics, and can make various types of bloods for different situations. The CSFX shop is located in Jefferson, Louisiana to serve the Greater New Orleans area. They are completely mobile to serve the industry wherever is needed.

His experience covers staff shop molding & casting in various materials, scenic sculpting, prosthetic fabrication (foam-latex, silicone, gelatin and transfer prosthetics) and application, life-casting, atmosphere applications (wind, rain, fog), breakaway glass and plaster, r/c compressed air bullet hits, bleeder rigs, and flame bars. He is a well-rounded artist that can serve the industry in different departments to create the most realistic props, makeup effects and practical effects.

Savant's wife, Heather Green is orginally from Alexandria. Heather and Carlos have been together for 12 years and have a two year old together. His name is Harrison Savant. As most parents hope, may he follow in dad's footsteps to create movie magic and scare the masses.

At CSFX, they enjoy the art of fear and the lasting effects of said fears.


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